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Do you know what enzymes are?

  • Enzymes are proteins that exist in the body of all the living organisms including us, humans and function as catalysts.
  • Enzymes are necessary substances for vital activities and help many of the complex and diverse activities in substance metabolism.
  • Humans have a long history of using enzymes. Records show bread and beer making in egypt and cheese making in the middle east around 3000 BC.
  • Also in Japan, enzymes have been used to produce fermented foods such as Sake and Miso for a long time.
  • Although the effects of enzymes were used, the existence of enzymes as substances were not known.
  • The first discovery of enzyme as a substance was made of starch saccharification in 1833. This industry is relatively new and cheese making rennet was the first enzyme manufactured worldwide in 1833.
  • The enzyme industry was started with food processing and highly deveoped within less than 180 years. Today, enzymes are utilised in foods as well as in various other fields such as medical/pharmceutical products, diagnostics, fabric, leather, washing detergents, feed and energy. Enzymes are used all around us to benefit our lives.
  • Besides, in recent years, the environment is increasingly polluted and global warming is making a headline. Enzymes do not require a large amount of energy. They function effectively in moderate circumstances.

Enzymes are the industrial technology that realises the demands symbolised by the word "Ecology" such as resources recycling, green chemistry and energy saving.